22' Ship To Shore

Rescue Sled In Use

The Ship to Shore's pontoon design provides increased stability for ship side boarding and rough water operations over conventional monohulled boats. It does not require a cradle since the pontoons will set on any flat surface.

The rigid deck offers comfortable seating with the safety rail as back support for guests. This deck also features four eyes for lifting.

We fabricate the pontoons using vulcanized neoprene construction with a Hypalon finish for the color desired. The pontoons provide both bouancy and fendering.

The U.S. Coast Guard has certified the Ship to Shore to carry 14 passengers and 2 crew. The Ship to Shore is made entirely in the USA.

22' Ship To Shore Boat Technical Data

This boat is made with 60 ounce/yard, Mil-C14505 Type 7 material. It has twelve (12) separate air chambers. We can vulcanize your company's name, logo, or fleet number on the side of the boat for permanent identification.

Data Standard Metric
Overall Length 22' 6.8 m
Overall Width 9' 4" 2.9 m
Deck Length 16' 4.9 m
Deck Width 8' 2.13 m
Pontoon Diameter 32" 81 cm
Weight Without Engine 1100 lbs 500 kg
Deck - 5086 Marine Alloy 3/16"
Power Recommendation Main 55 hp
Aux. 9.9 hp
41 kw
7 kw