White Water Boats

Rafting outfitters have been turning to D.I.B. for over 30 years for rafts that can be used season after season with no problems. Our whitewater boats are designed to be affordable, durable and safe.

Demaree Inflatable River Boats are fabricated from uncured, neoprene-coated nylon fabrics. After assembly, we cure the boat as a unit under pressure at elevated temperatures to produce an integral product. All the fabric coatings, tapes, cements and moldings are chemically matched to yield cohesive bonding when the boat is cured.

Some standard features on all Demaree Inflatable Boats include:

  • Machined aluminum valves
  • fully taped seams (inside and out)
  • Gum chafe strips on the bottom
  • Stainless steel “D” rings for lifting or tying.

Yough Boat

Section Four Boat

Personal Paddle Boat

17' Salmon