Work Boats

D.I.B. work boats are used around the globe for almost any job you can think of. Oceanographers, shrimp fishing and everything in between. DIB has made work boats for cruise lines, the military and much more. Our inflatable work boats can be made in almost any size that you need. Our inflatable boats are also easily transported to almost any location on the planet. Being inflatable, they take up alot less space while being transported.

14' Mini Snout

17' Mini Snout

22' Ship To Shore

23' Snout Rig

32' River Freighter

Custom Boats

Need something larger than 32 feet in length? No problem! D.I.B. specializes in custom made boats. Check out this 41′ River Freighter pictured below.

We pride ourselves on our ability to custom fabricate any boat for anyone. Please fill out our contact form or call us at 1-800-DIB-TUBE to discuss how D.I.B. can enhance your fleet.